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In 1995, Rex Van Wert started his company to provide meter reading services to utilities throughout Iowa and neighboring states. Since 1998, Van Wert Company has grown into the exclusive distributor for Itron products in Iowa. Itron is the worlds leading provider of intelligent metering, data collection and utility software solutions.

In 2019, Van Wert, Inc. merged with Maintenance Consultants to form Van Wert Company. The merger brings meter and endpoint installation services to our portfolio of offerings. We provide in-house support for all of our products and software.

Over 100 Years of Metering Experience is Only a Phone Call Away
Rex Van Wert
Vice President

Rex Van Wert founded Van Wert, Inc. in 1995 as a provider of meter reading services to utilities.  Since then the company has become a supplier of electric meters.

Rex has been involved with the utility business since 1968. First Data Processing Manager at Grundy County REC and then as a Manufacturers Rep for 20 years.

Rex attended Iowa Tech where he studied computer programming.

He is married and has four children and nine grand-children.

Tim Van Wert
General Manager

Tim has been reading meters, scheduling meter readers, processing meter data, and working with utilities since 1995. 

More recently he has been doing the accounts receivable and payable and office scheduling.

Tim is married and has three children.

Jeff Hawk
Sales Representative

Jeff has been reading meters, scheduling meter readers, collecting/processing meter data, working with utilities, and managing meter readers since 1995.

Jeff has had a position in sales since 2015 and works with utilities in installing FCS for meter data collections.

Jeff is married and has four children.

Steve Brush
Sales Representative

Steve joined Van Wert with the addition of the Itron water line.  Steve has been in the utility industry for over 35 years, working with a water utility for 14 years and in the utility meter and meter reading field for the past 20 years.  Steve is married and has three children.

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